Garage Door Prices – How Much Does A New Garage Door Cost?

The price of a garage door can range from $600 to more than $6,000; since that price range is too large to be at all helpful, this post will help you “ballpark” the price of a garage door. We will break it down according to the type of material used, providing a summary and price range for each type of garage door; so this post should be really helpful as a first step in deciding which garage door is right for you.

The size of the door effects the price, so you should begin by measuring your garage door. Standard garage door sizes are 8×7, 9×7,16X7, 8×8, 9×8, 16×8. For each type of door, I will quote the 8×7 garage doors. Prices for a 16×7 door will naturally be nearly twice the price, a 9×7 door to be about 10% more and then add 20%-25% for doors that are 8 foot high.

The material of the door will also have a big impact on the price you pay. However, whichever door you pick you can expect to have it for a long time. So, consider your needs at least as much as you consider the price. How much you paid is long forgotten 8 to 10 years down the road. You want to make sure it is something you will be happy with; so I will provide a summary of each door type as well as the price.

Steel Garage Door – Steel is the most common material used in garage doors and also the least expensive. When purchasing a steel garage door you will need to consider how much insulation to purchase, your best bet is to match the R value of your home. A typical home is R-12. The downside to steel is that it dents the nice thing about steel is the price.

Steel Garage Price: $800-$1200

8x7 Steel Garage Door Price: $800-$1200.

Vinyl Garage Door – Vinyl garage doors are becoming popular even though they are a little more expensive for 2 mains reasons. The first is they look nicer than steel because of a more realistic wood grain pattern. The second is vinyl’s ability to resist denting, which means they are going to look nicer for a long time.

Vinyl Garage Doors

8x7 Vinyl Garage Door Price: $1100-$1500

Wood Composite – The Green Garage Door, so said because they are made primarily from recycled material. Most people buy this door because it needs to be painted and that allows one to easily match the door to the home’s exterior. This is an excellent choice when you want to paint the door but retain a modest price tag.

8x7 Wood Garage Door Price: $1,000-$1,200

8x7 Wood-Composite Garage Door Price: $1,000-$1,300

Custom Wood & Carriage House Doors – There is no arguing with the natural beauty of wood. Hemlock, Cedar & Mahogany are the most common. Hemlock is often stained and Cedar & Mahogany are absolutely gorgeous as is. These types of doors will significantly enhance the beauty of a home’s exterior. So much in fact, they will often raise the value of the home. Expect to pay significantly more for these doors than the more common styles shown above.

Stain Grade Hemlock, Cedar & African Mahogany. 8x7 Wood Garage Doors Price:$2,000-$7,000

Stain Grade Hemlock, Cedar & African Mahogany. 8x7 Wood Garage Doors Price:$2,000-$7,000

Carriage House Garage Door Price: $2,000 -$7,000

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